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What Alarm do I need ? 
We will be delighted to advise you on your choices of
alarm system
that suit your lifestyle and offer the protection you require. If you have an existing alarm we can upgrade it to the relevant standard and/or provide monitoring.          

Wired systems are generally used where the premises is wired for an alarm when it is built. They can be wired for sensors on windows and doors  (Perimeter system) or for a motion sensor in each room (Trap System) or occasionally they can be wired for both.
Generally a keypad is placed at the entry door to turn the alarm system on and off.
Banner Security uses HKC Securewatch Control panel and Point ID Sensors.

Perimeter System : Sensors on all accessible windows and doors.
Trap System
: Motion sensors in each room.
Point ID Sensor : Allows each sensor to be individually set to its optimum level.

Wireless Systems are generally used where a premises is not wired. They are versatile as the customer can chose the type of system that best suits them (Trap or perimeter or mix of both).
A Key ring or handheld remote control make them easy to operate.


Both the Wired and Wireless systems can
communicate to a central monitoring station. On activation of the alarm the monitoring station will contact the customer to verify a false alarm and will contact the gardai where necessary.
Monitoring to a central station can be carried out over a land line or a GSM/GPRS mobile system.
There is an annual charge for this service.


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