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We offer 24 hour monitoring on all our systems at a very competitive price.

Our Alarm systems are connected to a highly sophisticated 24 hour monitoring control centre where emergency response personnel are ready to deal with your alarm activations immediately. If something goes wrong, the monitoring station will know instantly. They will then contact you, your nominated keyholders' and the relevant emergency services.

No phone line, no problem. Monitoring can take place through the GSM/GPRS mobile network.

Anti-jamming devices are available. Have your alam system poll every 3 minutes over GPRS, using leading edge technology, such as CSL Dualcom or BT Redcare.

Banner Security use G4S Monitoring (Group 4 Security) and Smart Monitoring in Dublin as our 24hr central monitoring stations.
Both monitoring stations have highly trained emergency response personnel - Instant help at hand should an alarm be raised for burglary, fire or personal attack.

Costs 169 per annum on a landline or 199 on a mobile (gsm) system. (Residential)
This includes an annual routine maintenance check and an automatic test on all systems every 5 days.
The monitoring fee can be paid by monthly standing order or annually by cheque.

Having a monitored alarm system may reduce your home insurance premium.