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Having worked as an eircom Phonewatch dealer installing eircom Phonewatch alarms in the Clare, Limerick, Galway area for 11 years. Banner Security has now teamed up with Alarmwatch Group, a nationwide group of alarm companies, all ex eircom Phonewatch dealers, with a vast knowledge of phonewatch systems.

Alarmwatch group and Banner Security use G4S Monitoring (Group 4 Security) and Smart Monitoring in Dublin as our 24hr central monitoring stations.
We can now offer first class 24hr monitoring with Garda response on all eircom Phonewatch alarms.
It costs 169 per annum on a landline or 199 on a mobile (gsm) system.
This includes an annual routine maintenance check and an automatic test on all systems every 5 days (Phonewatch automatically test your landline system every 90 days).
You keep all your phonewatch equipment, the changeover is free and you are not tied into any contract. 
If you are not
satisfied with the new service, we will change your system back to Phonewatch at no charge.
The monitoring fee can be paid by monthly standing order or annually by cheque.

Alarmwatch Group have access to spare parts on all the above Phonewatch Alarm Systems. We are supplied directly from the manufacturers GE (General Electric) and HKC.

Banner Security is  happy to quote for any repair and maintenance, (including battery replacement), on all eircom Phonewatch alarms.

Tel      : 065 7074604
Mobile : 087 9178312

email :banneralarms@gmail.com